Director: Abbey Ziemba
Music Director: Mark Landis
Choreographer: Tiffany Billingsly
Assistant Director: Amanda Ross
Assistant Music Director: TBA
Student Director: Callie Cox
Show Coordinators: Amy Click and Erin Troxell
Show Chaplain: Katie Landis

Cast List – CLICK HERE

Sign up for the Peter Pan Remind Messages – Click here or Text the phone number 81010 with the message @ppcgfaa

Auditions and Rehearsal location is TBA
Auditions will be held January 5 & 6, 2019.
Performances will be at T.C. Howe High School April 5-8 and April 11-14.

Rehearsal Schedule:

Rehearsal Schedule

Welcome Information Auditions

CGFAA Code of Conduct

Parent Committee Roles Defined

Cast Party: Date, Time and Location TBA

Casting Information

Production has been double cast with 4 shows for each cast and performing in all shows in an ‘off night role’.

Production & Audition Fees

Audition Fees are $25 per student. The audition fee is applied to your total Production Fee of $150 which makes the remaining balance $125.  Production fees may be paid in payments split over 6 weeks, but must be paid in full before Tech Week begins.  Audition fees are non-transferrable and not refundable. Limited number of scholarships are available for each production. Please contact Mark Landis to receive the application for Scholarship.

General Rehearsal information:

Friday 5:00-9:00
Saturday 10:00-3:00

Students are only called to rehearsal when they are needed and will not be called for the entire rehearsal unless needed.  Pizza will be available on Friday evenings for $5 per student.  Saturdays, any student that is called and might need to eat will be encouraged to bring a sack lunch or snack.

Congratulations to the cast of Aladdin Jr.  This show is very ensemble heavy, requiring the ensemble to be present in all but just a handful of songs, and therefore, many of the scenes.  Agrabahns will have a very busy evening in the show. This show is the definition of “no small roles, only small actors” because without the entire cast, the show would be unsuccessful. Congratulations to the entire cast of Aladdin Jr. We are excited to see the show take flight on a magic carpet ride!  This cast is going to do amazing things!

Reminder – First rehearsal is Friday from 5:00-9:00 at New Hope for ALL students who auditioned. An email will be sent with details regarding the weekend’s call list. Watch for it late Wednesday/early morning Thursday.

-Aladdin Jr. Directing Team

Please email Sherri Atwell to accept or decline your role by clicking here.

* Indicates Featured Dancer

Character Student Name
Aladdin Aiden Potter
Genie Aleah Mutchman
Jafar Jessica Bast
Jasmine Meghan Wombles
Iago Belle Iseminger
Sultan J.D. Onstott
Razoul Selah Grannis*
Babkak Derek Johnstone
Omar Ja’ir Cross
Kassim Keegan Click
Isir Talia Grazian
Manal Ainsley Blazek
Rajah Emma Copes
Shop Owner Mary Holst*
Fortune Teller Helena Hashimoto*
Apple Vender Elianah Atwell
Prince Abdullah Henry Pippenger
Beggar 1 Kelsey Lakes*
Beggar 2 Andra Veleta
Beggar 3 Abby Witkemper
Guard 1 Marcus Williams*
Guard 2 Wyatt Schlageter*
Attendant 1 Olivia Puckett
Attendant 2 Briana Ayres
Spooky Voice Danielle Harrell
Cave of Wonders Heather Foster*
Kaitlyn Johnson*
Melania Reynolds*
Sarah Haynes*
Adolay Ludlow
Adrian Monroe
Alyssa McDonald
Amayah Pate
Ashlynn Gilmore
Ava Wright
Cooper Hall
David Mercer
Eliza Epple
Elizabeth Click
Ella Markley
Emerson Lounsbery
Emilia Barnaby
Faith Levenhagen
Gabriel Krodel
Hanna Riggers*
Isabell Ayres
Isabella Hyman
Lauren Cook
Leah Straumins
Lindsey Babcock
Lucy Mercer
Lydia Grannis
Makayla Sanders
Maya Emerson
Miles Furnee
Penny Mercer
William Hyman

Center Grove Fine Arts Academy Narnia the Musical

Congratulations to the cast of Narnia The Musical. Below you’ll find the cast list. We did double cast this show, Cair Paravel cast, and Marbleton Manor cast. If there is a name in both columns, then that character is double cast. If there is not a name in both columns, the character or chorus is not double cast and will therefore perform in all performances. Each cast, Cair Paravel and Marbleton Manor, will perform 3 times in their lead/speaking role, but will perform in a chorus role the other 3 performances. Performance dates for each cast are:

Cair Paravel – Thursday 10/25 @6:30, Saturday 10/27 @ 2:30, Sunday 10/28 @ 7:00

Marbleton Manor – Friday 10/26 @ 7:00, Saturday 10/27 @ 7:00, Sunday 10/28 @2:30

We can’t wait to see you and see this show take off.

The Narnia Directing Team

Cast List 

(Note: Character names listed in Red are part of the White Witch’s army. All others are Aslan followers.)

Character Cair Paravel Marbleton Manor
Aslan Jordan Crump Kaden Click
White Witch Gabbie Greene Callie Cox
Peter Arik Waddell Samuel Woods
Susan Leah Holst Ruby Anderson
Edmund Nate Penrod Ethan Wood
Lucy Mary Krodel Katie Conlin
Professor Jacob Krodel Johnny Gaiffe
Mrs. Macready Grace Streib Sara Angle
Mrs. Beaver Olivia Schemmel Hannah Crumbacher
Mr. Beaver Caleb Wilson Ben Frederick
Dwarf Ava Waggoner Grayson Meece
Fenris Ulf Ray Landis Taylor O’Rear
Tumnus Alex Werner Samantha Jones
Father Christmas Emily Crump Serenity Johnson
White Stag Felicity Faris Delaney Dillard
Bull Adam Haynes Josiah Wilson
Dog Tiden Vozos Elijah Christopher
Squirrel Jane Levine Emma Richardson
Leopard Jadin Reeves Molly Conlin
Hyena Kellyn Lavoy Krista Ennis
Glimfeather Abigail Krodel Ella Horvath
Eagle Ashley Aldridge Cassandra Sawyer
Owl Laurel Burgess Breanna Woods
Driad Sonora Vozos Anna Imbornone
Fox Lexi Poole Sophia Brenton
Unicorn Anna Marcus Jenna Pippenger
Cruelie 1 Silvia Seidle
Cruelie 2 Annalee Ennis
Cruelie 3 Hannah Work
Cruelie 4 Anika Garg
Spectre Emily Skluzacek
Hag 1 Audrey Troxell
Hag 2 Madeline Yocum
Boggle Brody West
Zombie Jessica Mitchell
Ogre Nicole Schneider
Gorgon Evie Krodel
Reindeer Chorus
Lucy Mallasch
Kali Gourley
Amelia Waddell
Julie Seidle
Ali Waggoner
Minion Chorus
Amanda Eldridge
Katerina Linville
Emma Kraus
Reanne Sonnefield
Riley Miller
Aidan Schneider
Keith Landis
Devyn Knauss
Charleigh Ennis
Elizabeth Coon
Grace Sawyer
Garrett Sawyer
Julia Stewart
Ava Reed
Hannah Johnson
Elisa Jacobs
Lilianna Vicoli
Brilynn Knauss
Hannah Schwitzer
James Schwitzer
Rogan Campbell
Mythical Dancers
Annie Troxell
Grace Streib
Isabel Werner
Eliana Jacobs
Fallon Jones
Sara Angle
Indianapolis Youth Theater - CGFAA Gala 2018 fb

Link to Registration>>>Gala Tickets


“Dream Big”

The first annual CGFAA Gala is to be held on Friday, July 13th at The Sycamore at Mallow Run.

The Gala is a fundraiser event.  We will have dinner, entertainment from current and past students, and hear the stories of how the organization can continue to impact our community for years to come.  It is our hope that attendees will be encouraged by the mission and vision of CGFAA.

Mallow Run is one of our biggest sponsors, and they are partnering with us to host the Gala.  We are very thankful for their generosity!

Doors will open at 6pm with drinks and appetizers.  Dinner and Entertainment will begin at 7pm.  We will be having a Silent auction, with bidding throughout the evening!

Ticket price includes entertainment, appetizers, dinner and glass of wine. Additional beverages available for purchase.  Use the link at the top of the page to purchase tickets directly from Mallow Run.

If you cannot attend but would like to make a donation, thank you!  You can make a donation here:  >>DONATE NOW<<

Indianapolis Youth Theater - CGFAA Gala 2018


Center Grove Fine Arts Academy Mary Poppins

Buy Tickets


April 27 @ 7:30 – Regent’s Park Cast
April 28 @ 2:30 – Regent’s Park Cast
April 28 @ 7:30 – Hyde Park Cast
April 29 @ 3:00 – Hyde Park Cast
May 4 @ 7:30 – Hyde Park Cast
May 5 @ 2:30 – Hyde Park Cast
May 5 @ 7:30 – Regent’s Park Cast
May 6 @ 3:00 – Regent’s Park Cast

Tickets:  Adults $5, Students $3 (Price at the door Adults $6, Students $4 – Cash or check only at the door)

Cast List

We are very excited to announce the cast of our Spring 2018 Center Grove Fine Arts Academy’s production of Mary Poppins.

This production is double cast.
Students listed as Regent’s Park Cast will perform April 27 @ 7:30, April 28 @ 2:30, May 5 @ 7:30 and May 6 @ 3:00.
Students listed as Hyde Park Cast will perform April 28 @ 7:30, April 29 @ 3:00, May 4 @ 7:30, and May 5 @ 2:30.
If there is a student listed but there is no column listed beside them as an “additional” cast then they will perform in all 8 performances of the show.
All performances will be held at T.C. Howe High School, 4900 Julian Ave.
Purchase your tickets by clicking here.  These productions are Reserved Seating, and doors will open 30 minutes prior to curtain.

Regent’s Park Cast Hyde Park Cast
Character First Name Last Name First Name Last Name
Mary Poppins Elise Scrogham Olivia Eaker
Bert Jacob Brant Justin Tidd
George Banks Clayton Mutchman Elijah Beasley
Winifred Banks Meghan Wombles Mariah O’Malley
Jane Banks Claire Scrogham Emma Copes
Michael Banks Brody West Krishaan Vadia
Robertson Aye Isaac Outland Caleb Wilson
Bank Chairman Cole Brinkley Jordan Crump
Valentine Ethan Wood Ava Waggoner
Park Keeper Johnny Gaiffe Ella Haganman
Mrs. Brill Gabbie Greene Jocelyn Brake
Mrs. Corry Callie Cox Emily Crump
Von Hussler Adam Haynes Sam Woods
Miss Lark Sarah Haynes Olivia Taylor
Miss Andrew Audrey Troxell Serenity Johnson
Bird Lady Rachel Krodel Silvia Seidle
Admiral Boom Kaden Click Krissy Brzycki
Northbrook G Ruch Derek Johnstone
Annie Hannah Miscik Anna Imbornone
Fannie Ella Horvath Sophie Copper
Neleus Grace Hendershot Kaitlyn Johnson
Miss Smith Helena Donaldson Hannah Crumbacher
Queen Victoria Lilly Neeson Hailey Bentman
Katie Nanna Grace Streib Samantha Jones
Policeman Randy Morgan Talia Grazian
Teddy Bear Devyn Knauss Nate Penrod
Mr. Punch Aidan Sargent Grayson Meece
Doll Jenna Shrader Anna Muir
Featured Chimney Sweeps Micaiah O’Malley
Aleah Mutchman
Kari Karbley
Evee Ochoa
Chimney Sweeps Aiden Potter
Liberty Potter
Kenny Malloy
Kelsey Lakes
Selah Grannis
Hannah Work
Taylor O’Rear
Helena Donaldson
Hannah Crumbacher
Randy Morgan
Grace Streib
Samantha Jones
Hailey Bentman
Lilly Neeson
Olivia Wright
Anna Marcus
Wren Brown
Sarah Neeson
Kenna Husung
Ariana Rawlins
Featured Park Strollers Olivia Schemmel
Olivia Ludlow
Olivia Puckett
Toys Brinley Shrum
Eleanor Guipe
Emma Schrader
Emily Imbornone
Ania Gossman
Grace Troxell
Lexi Poole
Ashlyn Gilmore
Bella Hyman
Sophia Brenton
Terryn Paxson
Jaclyn Diersing
Anika Grag
Belle Isemanger
Katie Conlin
Andrew Waggoner
Ali Waggoner
Eliana Jacobs
Ella McDuffee
Park Chorus Lexi Walker
Samantha Yarnell
Sarah Angle
Brooklyn Robertson
Caylin Stephens
Abby White
Elianah Atwell
Bryn Pfanschmidt
Shay Pfanschmidt
Lydia Grannis
Isabell Ayers
Krista Ennis
Charleigh Ennis
Annalee Ennis
Sydney Little
Lucy Mercer
Luci Sendlebach
Mari Villegas-Kaufman
Henry Pippenger
Emma Richardson
Sabrina Brinkley
Lainey Kord
Brilynn Knauss
Bank Chorus Elijah Christopher
Ethan Horvath
Cooper Hall
Isaac Schemmel
Jillian Schemmel
G Ruch
Miles Furnee
Samantha Webb
Brooke Hays
Lydia Perry
Lizzy Gray
Maria Stremming
Hannah Hewitt
Emerson Lounsbery
Maren Hupp
Katerina Linville
Ivan Figueroa
Jessica Mitchell
Kaleigh Konieczny
Mason Jackson
Hailey Waterman
Julie Seidle
Nathan Lyle
Statues Emma Kraus
Amanda Aldridge
Lilly Schrader
Ellanor Arkins
Liam Meyaard
Addison Whitecotten
Riley Miller
Scout Sabo
Annie Troxell
Megan Reynolds
Ellie Puckett
Lindsey Babcock
Fallon Jones
Delaney Duncan
Abigail Krodel
Gabe Krodel
Evie Krodel
Mary Krodel
Hayden Kelp
Samantha Riggs
Faith Levenhagen

Click here to send an email to Amy Click to accept/decline your role. If the link doesn’t work, her email is:  Thanks!

Mary Poppins Curtain Up in…

Days Hours Minutes Seconds