Congratulations to the cast of Aladdin Jr.  This show is very ensemble heavy, requiring the ensemble to be present in all but just a handful of songs, and therefore, many of the scenes.  Agrabahns will have a very busy evening in the show. This show is the definition of “no small roles, only small actors” because without the entire cast, the show would be unsuccessful. Congratulations to the entire cast of Aladdin Jr. We are excited to see the show take flight on a magic carpet ride!  This cast is going to do amazing things!

Reminder – First rehearsal is Friday from 5:00-9:00 at New Hope for ALL students who auditioned. An email will be sent with details regarding the weekend’s call list. Watch for it late Wednesday/early morning Thursday.

-Aladdin Jr. Directing Team

Please email Sherri Atwell to accept or decline your role by clicking here.

* Indicates Featured Dancer

Character Student Name
Aladdin Aiden Potter
Genie Aleah Mutchman
Jafar Jessica Bast
Jasmine Meghan Wombles
Iago Belle Iseminger
Sultan J.D. Onstott
Razoul Selah Grannis*
Babkak Derek Johnstone
Omar Ja’ir Cross
Kassim Keegan Click
Isir Talia Grazian
Manal Ainsley Blazek
Rajah Emma Copes
Shop Owner Mary Holst*
Fortune Teller Helena Hashimoto*
Apple Vender Elianah Atwell
Prince Abdullah Henry Pippenger
Beggar 1 Kelsey Lakes*
Beggar 2 Andra Veleta
Beggar 3 Abby Witkemper
Guard 1 Marcus Williams*
Guard 2 Wyatt Schlageter*
Attendant 1 Olivia Puckett
Attendant 2 Briana Ayres
Spooky Voice Danielle Harrell
Cave of Wonders Heather Foster*
Kaitlyn Johnson*
Melania Reynolds*
Sarah Haynes*
Adolay Ludlow
Adrian Monroe
Alyssa McDonald
Amayah Pate
Ashlynn Gilmore
Ava Wright
Cooper Hall
David Mercer
Eliza Epple
Elizabeth Click
Ella Markley
Emerson Lounsbery
Emilia Barnaby
Faith Levenhagen
Gabriel Krodel
Hanna Riggers*
Isabell Ayres
Isabella Hyman
Lauren Cook
Leah Straumins
Lindsey Babcock
Lucy Mercer
Lydia Grannis
Makayla Sanders
Maya Emerson
Miles Furnee
Penny Mercer
William Hyman

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