Creative Groundskeepers

Ongoing Giving Makes A Difference!

When you think of Creative Grounds, you probably think of amazing shows and our very talented youth performers. However it takes more than talent to put on our productions. Ticket sales and participant fees currently account for 60% of the cost of our programs. And while we do have show sponsors, that only makes up an additional 15%. We need you to make up the difference!

The Creative Groundskeepers are a group of dedicated patrons that provide ongoing monthly support for Creative Grounds Fine Arts Academy. Donors agree to give a set amount each month designed to cover the overhead needed to cover our expenses such as facility rentals and supplies.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, all donations are tax deductible. You can also choose to donate anonymously if you wish.

Intro to Groundskeepers

Groundskeeper Tiers

While we are grateful for ALL donors, we want to acknowledge those extra-special gifts. The follow tiers will be recognized in our show programs and our website

  • Silver Stars ($1,000+ monthly)
  • Blue Skies ($500 - $999 monthly)
  • Red Roses ($300 - $499 monthly)
  • Green Grass ($100 - $299 monthly)
  • Black Soil ($25 - $99 monthly)

 Our Goal

We have set our monthly giving goal at $10,000.  This amount helps cover our administrative expenses, such as:

  • Facility Leases - $4,900 monthly.
  • Utilities - $300 monthly.
  • Space Cleaning (for Covid) - $200 monthly.
  • Office Supplies and Business Software - $400 monthly.
  • Vehicle Insurance and Maintenance - $100 monthly.

These expenses (and more) come monthly regardless of our production income.  By providing a monthly donation, you help us ensure these expenses are paid.  This keeps our participant fees and ticket prices low.

Groundskeeper News & updates


Creative Groundskeepers: Become A Patron of the Arts

We are launching a new ongoing giving campaign for the Creative Grounds Fine Arts Academy.  Called Creative Groundskeepers,  this program provides patrons a way to give on a monthly basis.  Monthly giving provides us with stability in our finances and shows your commitment to the arts.  For more information on becoming a Groundskeeper, check out […]