History of Creative Grounds

Creative Grounds Fine Arts Academy, Inc. (CGFAA) began as Center Grove Fine Arts Academy, an extension of the Worship Ministry of Center Grove Church.  In 2018, CGFAA became a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. As the program grew, reaching students from all over the Indianapolis metropolitan area, the need for a name that better encompassed the scope of our mission, became clear.  In August of 2019, we became Creative Grounds Fine Arts Academy.

Creative Grounds Fine Arts Academy is a work in progress, just as we all are.  We began this program with just 30 students participating in our first production, Godspell Jr. in January 2014. In the Spring of 2018,  Mary Poppins had over 150 students participating in the show.  Now as Creative Grounds Fine Arts Academy Inc. we will continue to build students up to impact our community and the world around them.


Building Individuals Up

Through Fostering Relationships

and Growing Artists

Spiritual Benefit

Our hope here at CGFAA, Inc. is that students and families will build the relationship not only with each other and us, but also with Christ throughout the programs offered here at CGFAA, Inc.  We are intentional in building relationships with the students, as well as the parents.  Our goal is that through the process of a show, classes and camps, students and families alike will begin to see Christ at work in the lives of those around them.  We’d love to see students and families become friends with us here at CGFAA, Inc., but most importantly to become better disciples and grow in their faith, serving in a church that best fits them.

Educational Benefit

CGFAA, Inc. is an educational theater arts program.  What does that mean?  Simply put, we value students and want to see them grow.  We don’t want a student to come into an audition and feel the fear of being cut from a show.  This means we don’t cut students from the show.  Everyone who auditions will be included in the show in some capacity.


Participating in CGFAA, Inc. is as cost effective as we can make it because we don’t want to ‘break the bank’ for a family who wants to offer a quality opportunity to their child.  We offer our productions to students for just $175 per show (including their $25 audition fee) with financial assistance available to those who have need.

Summer Camps

We also have begun offering summer camps, that run just $150-200 for the week.  The summer camps have a limited number of openings available, so those opportunities are a first come/first serve sign up process that tend to fill up.

See a Show

Coming to see a show?  We’d love to have you join us.  Shows are affordable for a family, but that doesn’t mean they are lower quality.  In fact, we put lots of work into making the show as high quality professional theater as possible.  Ticket prices range from $5-8 per person starting in the fall of 2018.  Here’s what some folks have said about our recent shows:

“The talent level exceeds the expectation level of ANY theater program I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to several professional shows.”
Mary Poppins Audience Member

“We loved the show! You don’t feel like you’re watching kids, they are so professional! WOW!!”
Mary Poppins Audience Member

“We came expecting a cute church production. We were blown away by the professionalism and quality of the show. You could charge WAY more for these tickets and they’d still be worth every penny.”
Mary Poppins Audience Member

Be in a Show!

Looking for ways to get your child involved?  Purchase tickets to one of our current productions to see what we do if it’s between auditions.  Watch our website for audition information.  Anyone ages 8-18 are eligible to participate in the shows.

Wanting further information about our programs?  Contact Mark Landis, our Executive Director with any questions you may have at mark@cgfinearts.org.

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