Seussical KIDS Audition Slots



Please read ALL of the information below before finalizing your purchase as all audition fees are non-refundable and not transferrable.

Audition Fees are applied to your Production Fee ($200) The remainder due after auditions are $175. The remaining Production Fee is required to be paid by cash or check. Each student who auditions will be cast in the show.

Please use the calendar below to schedule your audition slot. July 26th is the only day for auditions; you must first click on the “>” symbol to get to July and then click on the 26th to see the available time slots before checking out.

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Thank you for your interest in auditioning!

We’re happy to see you getting involved in a show at Creative Grounds! We’re back to live auditions!

After purchasing this item, you will receive an email receipt that will contain a link labeled “Audition Paperwork”. This link will take you to a Google Form, which must be filled out and submitted before your audition.

If all audition slots are full: please send an email to in order to join our waitlist. We also have 2 other shows this semester, for which you may consider auditioning for.

What To Expect on Audition Day

Students should arrive at the latest 5-10 minutes prior to their audition spot. After checking in, the students in your audition slot will be taught a short dance. Following that, students will then have a chance to perform that dance and then one at a time share their one minute monologue or song.

In case you missed our Broadway Aspirations Summer Camp here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The one minute monologue should show the directing team your ability to become a character, project your voice, and your general speaking and/or singing ability.
  • Please keep in mind that it is generally frowned upon (and generally considered a faux pas) to perform a selection from the show for which you are auditioning.
  • You should bring with you an MP3 Player(iPod/iPhone) with a headphone jack or youtube link, if you wish to have a background tack for your audition.
  • Auditions are OPEN, which means you can stay and observe other auditions. Callbacks are CLOSED, which means only those called back will be allowed in the room. This includes parents.
  • You will be at the theatre for at least an hour, please plan accordingly.
  • Bring a bottle of water, shoes and clothing that you are comfortable dancing in and a positive attitude.
  • Lastly, relax, have fun and SMILE.

Communication and Information

Throughout the production process, there will be many times in which we will need to get information out to the entire cast and their families in a timely manner. We do this in two ways.

Our first method of contact is done through the remind system. On the show’s main page you will see a link to and instructions for setting up remind and what your specific production’s remind code is.

Our second method of contact, is through The Closed Facebook Group. Through the Facebook Group we communicate and share photos as the production progresses.


For this show, you must be a student aged 7 to 12, complete the necessary paperwork and audition video by the deadline specified above, and be an active participant throughout the production. In addition, during the audition paperwork part of the process, you must agree to the CGFAA Actors Code of Conduct.


Audition Fees are $25 per student. The audition fee is applied to your total Production Fee of $200. The remaining balance of $175 may be paid in payments and split out, however must be paid in full before tech week begins.

Audition fees are non-transferrable and not refundable.

Should you require it, scholarships are available for the production. Please contact Mark Landis ( to receive the application for the Scholarship.

Parent Involvement

Here at Creative Grounds, and larger productions in general, there is always more work than hands to do it. We ask that parents be involved in one or more of our Parent Committees. Should you be unable to be involved in one or more of the parent Committees of at least 15 hours of service you can elect to “OPT OUT” of serving. There will be an additional $200 cost associated with opting out of serving.