Disney’s Moana Jr. Audition Fee


Paying this fee allows the purchaser to audition for our Fall Production of Disney’s Moana Jr.

Please read the audition information below

The deadline for the Audition Video and paperwork to be submitted is: Saturday, October 30, 2021, at 11:59:59 PM EST (Midnight)

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Thank you for your interest in auditioning!

We're happy to see you getting involved in a show at Creative Grounds! In a never-ending effort to help integrate technology, streamline our processes, and make the early stages of pre-production easier on everyone: we are again slightly modifying the audition process. Please read the information below carefully and completely before purchasing this audition fee.

After purchasing this item, you will receive an email receipt that will contain 2 links. The first link, labeled "Audition Paperwork" will take you to a google form that must be filled out. The second link will take you to another google form that will allow you to upload your audition video(see requirements below).

If we are out of this item: please send an email to Mark Landis(mark@cgfinearts.org) in order to join our waitlist.

Communication and Information

Throughout the production process, there will be many times in which we will need to get information out to the entire cast and their families in a timely manner. We do this in two ways.

First, please check the show page frequently as we update it often. You can do this by clicking the events link in the website menu, navigating to the current season and clicking on the show's banner. This page will be kept up to date with current show information, schedule and various other information.

Our second method of contact, for more urgent messages, is done through the REMIND system. On the show's main page, you will see a link with instructions on how to set up remind and what your production's remind code is.


For this show, you must be a student aged 8 to 18 years of age still enrolled in school, complete the necessary paperwork and audition video by the deadline specified above, and be an active participant throughout the production. In addition, during the audition paperwork part of the process, you must agree to the CGFAA Actors Code of Conduct.

If you meet the rest of the requirements, but not are currently enrolled in school or have recently graduated prior to submitting your application, you must email Mark(mark@cgfinearts.org) and recieve permission prior to submitting your audition. Please include your name, age, birthday and a statement indicating why you wish to join the production. Please note, even if you are over 18 and legally an adult, parent involvement will still required and all rules for younger students will still be applicable. Failure to comply with this policy will result in automatic rejection of your application.


Audition Fees are $25 per student. The audition fee is applied to your total Production Fee of $175 which makes the remaining balance $150. Production fees may be paid in payments and split over 6 weeks, but must be paid in full before Tech Week begins.

Audition fees are non-transferrable and not refundable.

Should you require it, a limited number of scholarships are available for the production. Please contact Mark(mark@cgfinearts.org) to receive the application for the Scholarship.

Parent Involvement

Here at CGFAA, and larger productions in general, there is always more work than hands to do it. We ask that parents be involved in one or more of our Parent Committees

Audition Video Submission Requirements

Please submit(via the links in your receipt) a short video and include the following:

  • Student name
  • Student age
  • Any specific role you'd like, and/or that you'd accept any role
  • A 1 minute portion of a song or monologue.

    This should show the directing team your ability to become a character, project your voice and your general speaking ability.

    Also, please note that it is generally frowned upon to pull a part from the show you're auditioning for. We want to see something that best shows your abilities as actor/actress.

  • Do you have any special talents we should know? -BRIEFLY describe these talents
  • Your one minute song or monologue
  • SMILE!!